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We have summarized frequently asked questions in our office.
Please read before you contact us.

QA1. I don't know my ID and registration code.

Refer to these pages for further information.(Another window will be opened.)
If you have lost your ID or registration code, you should apply reissue it.

For Students(Dgree)
How to confirm your ID(for student).
You should prepare your Student IC card.

If you have lost your Student IC card, you should apply reissue it.
Contact with a student section of your department.
全学共通ICカード事業室 学生証再発行申請手順

For Students(Non-Degree)
"Non-degree student" is research student,special student,auditing student,subject student.
SSO-KID and registration code will be announced at the student office which you belong.

For Faculty and Staff
How to confirm your ID(for faculty and staff)

If you have lost your SSO-KID card, you need to submit the reissue application form.
Contact with your personnel section.

QA2. I can not login.

Check your ID and password at the login test site.
Login Test

If your access was succeed on the login test page,
there are no troubles about your ID and password.
There may be other causes.( QA2-1.)

If your access was denied at the login test site,
the trouble might be in the ID or password which you entered.( QA2-2.)

QA2-1. If your access was succeed on the login test page.

Is your ID permitted to use on the system?
Refer to the service list page and contact to an administrator of the system.

Is not there any problem in your PC settings? (for Mail services, wi-fi)
Refer to the service list page and check the manual.
If you have any queries or problems about settings, contact to the administrator with the system.
At that time, you should tell them that there is no problem about your login ID and password.

The same trouble is taking place around you?
The cause might be network setting or trouble.
Check below and ask a network administrator of your section.

QA2-2. If your access was denied at the login test site.

Which text did you enter on the password field at the login test site?

Regstration code(Initial password)
You need to Register your ID.
You can't use the registration code (or the initial password) as your password.
You need to set your password before using the ID at the foremost time.
Click below.
Registration(Account Activation)

Your own password
You need to reset your password. Read and follow the instructions on the site.
Password Reset

QA3. I forgot my password.

If you do not recognize the password you can reset the password in the following way.

Reset the password yourself.(パスワード再設定)
Password Reset

Request password initialization.(パスワード初期化依頼)
For sutdents
Please bring your Student ID card to the student office which you belong.
If you belong to out of these campuses, please come to a student division of your department with your student ID card.
(学務担当者は本依頼がありましたら, いずれかの窓口にご連絡ください。)

For faculty and staff
With preparing your SSO-KID and registration code (Initial password), call us.
We will reset your password to registration code.

Authenication and Authorization Working Group
Information Infrastructure Initiative, Kyushu University
Ito Campus
Information Administrative Section


QA4. I can't activate my account.

Please check the procedure on the following page.

Please confirm that there is no mistake in input.

It is recommended that you copy and paste the registration code by exporting it to Notepad etc. and viewing it.
Be careful not to include "line feed code" or "space" at this time.

Please check if the initial password contains confusing symbols.

Is the date of birth input correct?
 Birthday is formedas 8 numbers.(Jan.23 1969 → 1969/01/23)

If there is no problem with the above input, please contact us by e-mail.

九州大学情報統括本部 認証基盤事業室
〒819-0395 福岡市西区元岡744